Estimated Pricing

To better help our customers with the cost of design services some standard pricing is available below. We also do custom creative and can give specific estimates and quotes. 


Print Projects Call For Quote: 937-689-9022

Due to the various factors associated with Print Projects Call for a Free Custom Quote for you Print Project. 

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Click the link below to download info on social media packages. This info is currently being updated to reflect our name change and current and will be reposted soon.


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Photography Call for a Quote: 937-689-9022

Check out our wedding photo examples under portfolio and here is a rough price list on some photography services. These examples represent our top professionals who are more expensive because of the quality of their work. Several of them have taught high-end professional photography.  We work with many different photographers and levels of skill and experience. Let us  find a photographer to meet your needs and budget. These rates reflect photographer Liz Ford, who books up fast. Book your Wedding, Photo Event or Session today! 



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Senior Photos & Individual Portrait, Pet or Product/Location Shoots