Liz Ford

Creative Director

Liz Ford has worked in Advertising for over 21 years as an award-winning Designer, Director of Marketing & Creative Director at various agencies in Dayton. She created the entire opening season for the Dayton Dragons Professional Baseball Team, has designed for the prestigious Hermes Awards, the United States Airforce Museum, Kings Island and the Dayton Peace Accords. Her Portfolio features leading National and International Brands, with a proven track record of success.   

There is more to a person than these little boxes that contain glimpses of our lives. I love God, my Family, Friends & Furry Friends. I believe there is good in the world and i choose to look at what is pure, noble &
worth it. I love helping others make their dreams come true!  – Liz Smith

Fun Facts:
• Liz has been on 4 Missions Trips.
• She has 3 rabbits that live in a warren.
• She is an expert with a bow and arrow
• Liz has been awarded the Red Cross Award
   of Merit for saving a life utilizing CPR.
• Liz is the Chairman for Naomi Foundation

“Every child is a creative artist, i decided to stay creative & see the world with wonder.” ~ Liz

  • Practical
  • Comfort
  • Fashion
  • Research

My Story

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